PSScriptPad is the tiny editor for Windows PowerShell. It requires no installation or configuration. It weighs in around 4Mbs, can editor and execute PowerShell scripts, design Windows Forms and Package Executables.


You can download PSScriptPad from our website. It is just a .exe file.

Opening PSScriptPad

PSScriptPad can just be opened by double clicking the PSScriptPad.exe.

You can also open PSScriptPad if you have the PowerShell Pro Tools module installed.


You can also use the pad alias.

pad .\test.ps1

Editing PowerShell

PSScriptPad supports editing PowerShell scripts. It supports syntax highlighting, syntax checking, IntelliSense and code folding.

Creating a New PowerShell File

Click the New File button on the toolbar to create a new file.

Opening a PowerShell Script

Click the Open File button on the toolbar to open a script.


IntelliSense is automatically invoked. It will complete PowerShell cmdlet names, variables, paths, and parameter names. You can also press Ctrl+Space to manually invoke IntelliSense. As you type, the IntelliSense list will be filtered. Pressing tab will select and insert the current option.

Code Folding

Code Folding collapses blocks of PowerShell script that you wish to hide. You can collapse blocks such as if blocks, script blocks and functions blocks. Just click the minus and plus sign to close and open blocks.


PSScriptPad can also debug PowerShell scripts. It supports executing scripts, setting breakpoints, stepping through scripts and viewing the output of scripts in the terminal window.


PSScriptPad supports PSReadline. You will need to install PSReadline to use it.

Install-Module PSReadline


You can switch between dark and light themes using the options dialog.