Installation and Licensing

Last updated 3 days ago


Visual Studio

PowerShell Pro Tools is included with PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. You can install it through Visual Studio or download it from the Marketplace.

Visual Studio Code

The Visual Studio Code extension is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace and can be installed from within Visual Studio Code. Search for PowerShell Pro Tools when searching in VSC.

PowerShell Module

The PowerShell Module is available on the PowerShell Gallery.


Trial Licenses

Trial licenses are automatically installed on machines that have no been licensed previously. You have full access to all features of the product. The license will expire in three weeks.

Purchasing a License

Visit the purchasing page and follow the instructions to purchase a license. A license will be emailed to you within ten minutes of purchase.

Installing a License

Once your trial expires a license window will appear when attempting to use functionality of this product. You can enter your license information into that window at this time. To update or change your license at any time, Click Help and About PowerShell Pro Tools to view and change your license.

You can install you license using the PowerShell module by invoking the Install-PoshProToolsLicense cmdlet or from within VS Code using the PowerShell Pro Tools: Install License command.