PowerShell Protect

Changelog for PowerShell Protect

2022.9.0 - 9/13/2022

  • Fixed an issue where not all formats of Invoke-Expression would be detected with the built in rule.

2022.7.0 - 7/12/2022

  • Fixed an issue where license files were not correctly validated

2022.6.0 - 6/14/2022

  • Added support to PowerShell Universal for generating PowerShell Protect configuration files
  • Added support for sending events to PowerShell Universal

2021.12.1 - 12/15/2021

  • Built-in rules no longer require a license.

2021.12.0 - 12/14/2021

  • Improved error logging for failed conditions
  • Fixed an issue where invalid configurations would cause exceptions in built-in rules
  • Added support for Application Hash (SHA256) conditions
  • Added support for Assembly conditions
  • Added support for Assembly Hash (SHA256) conditions
  • Added support for specifying a license within the configuration file
  • Added support for matching any condition on a rule
  • Fixed an issue where you could specify -Format for -Tcp or -UDP on New-PSPAction
  • Added built-in detection for attempts to explore Log4j CVE-2021-44228

2021.9.0 - 9/14/2021

  • Added support for sending event log actions based on rules

2.3.1 - 4/21/2021

  • Added subscription activation caching to prevent excessive web requests

2.3 - 4/19/2021

  • Added support for disabling individual rules with -DisabledBuiltinConditions
  • PowerShell Protect is now a part of PowerShell Pro Tools.