Customize settings for PSScriptAnalyzer

You can now specify a PSSA setting or setting file in the options for PowerShell Tools. This option effectively sets the Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer -Setting parameter.

Setting in the options menu

CanStop Property for Service Packaging (Pro)

Also applies to 1.9.0 of the PowerShellProTools module.

If you set a CanStop variable within your Service script, the packager will honor this setting and provide it to the Service Control Manager thus preventing your service from being stopped.

$CanStop = $false
PowerShell Service Cannot be Stopped

Fixed an issue with multiple script analyzer classifier services being added

Several issues were raised where a "Duplicate Key" exception would be presented to the user. This could happen in a number of different ways but was due to the PSSA classification service being registered twice.

Disable Script Analyzer for the Interactive Window

PSSA is no longer run on the PowerShell Interactive Window.